Start A Plant Love Affair


We have had the enormous pleasure of meeting so many client and customer on our deliveries and its been a huge joy to see your carefully curate personal collections driven by your passion for plants. From helping to source rare plants to advising people at the beginning of their plant love affair, Its so interesting to see the plants different personalities are drawn to collect. 

From Sarah the ‘Plant Rescuer’ and her passion for the weird and wonderful, to Andrew in his little slice of country heaven with his stunning two metre fiddle fig tree and plant filled conservatory. And what a rush to be asked in to see Minks stunning eclectic home with its delicious dark decor, full of incredible art and plants. And Lane I’m so glad we found the right trailing plant to go round your bed frame and Aidan I agree, who needs spot lights when the fixtures make such a good place for hanging plants. Claire, I’m so pleased someone loved the ghost cactus as much as we did - and Lisa with your passion for anything variegated i’d love to see how the monstera is getting on now its in your ca refuel care - if anyone can keep the whites white its going to be you! 

While so many of us are working from home, we are going to run a competition, we would love for you to send us pictures of where you are working or relaxing - with your favourite plants. We all know plants reduce stress, boost productivity and improve air quality, so in this strange time, being surrounded by plants in a peaceful, calm and tranquil setting is a huge comfort for or many of us. You can chose to be in the photo, or not, we just think there are so many beautiful, homes, plants and people out there it would be fun to share and keep our happy houseplants community connected. 

The prize if you live in London is an incredible supersize Anthurium Clarinervium worth £130 and if you are further afield we will post you two of our beautiful plants from our smaller plant collection - a Micans and a trailing Satin Pothos and probably several other plants we can find hanging around happy Houseplants.

Post your plants and tag @happy_Houseplants