Indoor Plant Passions: Mink Yip

In Plant Passions this week we talk to Mink Yip.

Mink describes herself as a collector of things and a doll artist with a passion for the Tudor period and the occasional bourbon. She has a beautiful Instagram account where she shares her passion for plants and art. Here are some of the things we learned...

My passion for plants really began via osmosis during childhood as my parents were always

very keen gardeners. We had a little house in West London with a small garden and over the 20 years that they lived there, they carved out a sanctuary, working tirelessly every weekend.

Indoors was no different, although more the domain of my mother who accumulated a great many plants. During the colder months, the dining area became a place for overwintering so we were always surrounded by greenery. Indeed, the greenfingers actually go back further, as my maternal grandparents were orchardists who supplied the Thai Royal Palace with oranges. My parents eventually retired there, and whilst it has not been a farm for some time, I have lots offond memories of running between the orange trees and jasmine.

I have always had indoor plants as I never feel that a place is truly my home unless there is

green for me to nurture but it was only in recent years when I began to redo the house that I added so many more. We have four children and life was somewhat hectic in the earlier years!

Since I have done all the work myself, I had to wait until I had more time and energy but it was worth it. I did go a little berserk when filling the rooms with plants but I wanted a very theatrical and dramatic effect! As an artist by profession, there is very little restraint in anything that I do and I always want to create spaces that don't just make you smile but make you beam! I am particularly drawn to dark walls because not only do they have a cocooning effect, but they also act as a perfect backdrop for all the art, plants and paraphernalia that I collect.

I couldn't possibly pick a favourite plant - I wouldnt have so many otherwise! At the moment, the precious Ficus Lyrata is getting a lot of attention but I do really love my philodendrons - they just keep giving and are so luscious in any form. They also do rather well in this house and that would be my main plant tip - grow what grows well in your space. Trying to get a plant to thrive where it's not happy is just heartache for both of you!

If you want to know more about Mink please follow her @white_rabbit_living or check out Mink Etsy shop

If you’d like to see a video we have made about general houseplant care, have a look here.

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