Indoor Plant Passions: Silvia Asuni

In Plant Passions this week we talk to Silvia Asuni. Asuni has a beautiful account where she shares her passion for plants and architecture. Here are some of the things we learned...

Ciao! My name is Silvia, I am a trained architect and urban designer with love for plans and decor. I am originally from the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy. I hold a degree in urban design from The Bartlett, UCL and in architecture from the University of Cagliari.

London is the city where I live and work. For the past 8 years I have been pursuing my passion and interest for international masterplanning, working in multiple projects around the world, from Muscat to Toronto, and other cities in between.

I never miss a chance to escape back to my beautiful island and enjoy the sunshine and the sea. I love plants and decor. I am a prod mum of currently 100+ plants and we all live happily together in a 48 sqm apartment in south London. 

Oh yes… and I am an auntie of a little potato French bulldog called Minnie that lives in Italy.

My grandma and my mum have always been the greatest inspiration. I have grown up running around my grandma’s garden and surrounded by plants and sunshine. They are part of my DNA. Since moving to London 8 years ago I have been trying to recreate my evergreen environment indoors.

When is Sicily I spotted where cacti grow truly happy...

I have recently moved to my new 48 sqm apartment and I wanted to document the process of decorating and arranging my plants.

I am passionate about incorporating plants into interior design. I value their role as an essential décor piece, just as a beautiful object or painting would be! Most importantly I like to have fun with them! 

I like to reinvent and wilder spaces, creating green interior oasis that inspire the days to day life. By using the technique of collages, I like to reimagine corners of homes and to visualise how they can be transformed. I also work with mood boards which help me bring together the combination of textures, materials and plants, to see how all the pieces can come together harmonically.  

Mood Board/Before/After...

My feeds are all about plants, interiors and travel inspirations, all from my 48sqm south facing apartment. That’s how 48sqm_ingreen started!

Can you ask a parent: what’s your favourite child? OK... We secretly know there is always one. Here it’s mine, but please don’t tell the others!

If I must say it is probably my Monstera Deliciosa. I started it as a cutting taken from a juvenile plant when experimenting with propagations. It has now overgrown the mother plant by far! It is stunning and we have been together throughout the past 3/4 years.

Oh and my begonia angel wing, which is not the most beautiful but it has a special place in my heart. It started as a kindly donated cutting from my 96 years old grandma that has a great love for plants, which has been highly contagious!

Collecting plants is a beautiful and rewarding hobby, but placement of ever-growing collections can become overwhelming, especially for the ones living in small apartments. 

How to make such large collections aesthetically pleasing and avoid the feeling of clutter?

[Small space – big collection tips] I like to create a composition by grouping plants together. Placing vertical tall elements, medium size and small plants together immediately creates an interesting corner. Don’t forget to emphasise the star plant: we know there is always one in the family. The group should play around it.

Keep them clean! Indoor plants are not as lucky to receive a good old rain shower. They collect dust as every other object or surface in your home. I like to keep them dust free! Not only they will look more put together but they will grow healthier and faster. Throw a pool party in your bathroom from time to time and have fun!

I have grown up around cacti, but my heart belongs to tropical plants and aroid. I am always amassed by their beautiful leaves ‘s colours and shapes: a true statement! 

My collection reflects my preference, and the majority are tropical plants. However, I have a few cacti that I keep in my bedroom. It has a beautiful south facing windowsill where I keep them. They seem to love it their, even in not so sunny London!

If you’d like to see a video we have made about general houseplant care, have a look here.

If you want to know more about Silvia please follow her @48sqm_ingreen

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