Our Favourite Houseplants for the Conservatory

Lockdowns and working from home can feel negative, however, this has encouraged positive effects such as renovation and making additions to our homes. Whether you have just got a brand-new DIY conservatory or you have decided the one you have needs a bit of decorating, Happy Houseplants is here to be a friend in hand when deciding what are the best house plants for your conservatory.

Conservatories typically are positioned at the back of the house and receive full sunlight as they are filled with large windows to allow lots of light through. When decorating this area, many people want this space to become an extra lounge area but, consider houseplants that will turn this lounge area to an escape to a tropical oasis, bringing the outdoors in!

As conservatories have windows all round, they get particularly hot with little humidity in summers and conversely, quiet cold during the winter months. This arises the opportunity for a wide range of plants for different styles.

How do I choose the right conservatory houseplant for me?

1. Identify conservatory temperature – when buying a houseplant, they need specific conditions and temperatures not only to survive but to thrive. When searching for indoor plants for the conservatory, you will find it useful knowing the temperature of your conservatory to know if the houseplant you are looking at is appropriate for survival.
2. Avoid poisonous plants if you have pets! – Happy Houseplants strongly recommends checking if any conservatory plants you are considering are poisonous. It happens more than you think! We aim to disclose if the house plant is poisonous for pets or not on every product we sell, making you and your fluffy friends that much more comfortable when buying at Happy Houseplants.
3. What kind of maintenance do you want your houseplant? – When deciding how you want to decorate your conservatory plant sanctuary, you need to consider how much love and maintenance you are willing to devote to your plants. As you are leaving them in an area with a lot of light and little humidity, soil may become drier in comparison to other plants around your home. Something to consider.

Our Favourite Conservatory House Plants

1. Crassula –

We absolutely love the Cassula Hottentot! This unusual houseplant also known as the Jade Necklace, grows tall and begins to spill over, making it a great hanging plants which has small, star-shaped flowers in the winter.
We recommend this plant because it loves bright light, perfect for a conservatory room without sacrificing space as it’s a hanging plant.

2. XL Euphorbia –

For those seeking for a bold statement in their conservatory, a house plant known for its stunning impact and sculptural effects, look no further than the XL Euphorbia.
A truly unique and beautiful cactus, this plant will really inspire any visitors in your home. This Euphorbia is suitable for beginners and perfect for east-facing conservatory rooms.

3. Small Aloe Vera –

An ever-popular aloe vera houseplant! Everybody loves this exotic looking indoor plant for its enduring appeal and medicinal qualities.
In its small size, Aloe Vera can fit snugly on a shelf, conservatory windowsill or table. This popular houseplant loves a bight sunny spot and is easy to care for, perfect for your conservatory.

4. XL Aloe Discothoma ­–

We love this Aloe Discothoma! This houseplant originates from the Aloe family of succulents and is fairly large with a thick trunk used to store water. A very unusual houseplant that you will not find every day.
As it’s a succulent, it is very good at surviving dry conditions with high, direct light, making it perfect for your conservatory room.

5. Echeveria Hybrid

For those seeking the perfect easy-care houseplant for your conservatory, the Echeveria Hybrid is perfect for beginners. Native to semi-desert areas of Central America, Mexico, and North-western South America, you can really bring the Americas desert vibe right to your conservatory!
This super funky indoor plant will only require watering when completely dry and loves a warm sunny spot with plenty of direct sunlight, an ideal conservatory plant.

6. Graptopetalum Bellum –

A gorgeous little plant from Mexico discovered in 1972 in the high mountains. Beautiful dark green leaves with an outrageously cute bright pink flower make this an unusual looking plant that would make a wonderful addition to any plant collection.
This plant is really easy to care for and perfect for beginners. The Graptopetalum Bellum needs bright light, we recommend putting this small house plant in the corners of your conservatory to thrive.

7. Senecio Rowleyanus

This attractive plant commonly known as the String of Pearls, is an indoor succulent popular for its trailing, oval shaped foliaged. It’s a classic 70s houseplant making a huge comeback - for good reason, its stunning easy-care nature makes it hard not to love! 

Used as a hanging plant it will give a jungle feel making your conservatory have a real urban feel! As this plant is hanging, it will not sacrifice any space but still offers that biophilic aesthetic to your conservatory room.

8. Kalanchoe Bracteata

You do not often see this beautiful Kalanchoe Bracteata also known as the Silver Teaspoons plant for sale but, it is a real gem originating from Central and South-West Madagascar. 

Each October, Kalanchoe Kalanchoe bracteata burst into flower producing hundreds of small orange flowers. The Silver Teaspoons plant has easy-care and likes a bright, sunny spot. The brighter the light it receives the more colour the plant produces making it an ideal conservatory plant.

9. Hanging Sedum Burrito Burro's Tail ­–

We love this large Burro's Tail for its fascinating foliage and refreshing look! Try it tumbling out of a pot on the floor or from the top of a table. You’ll really get a sense of the exotic from this wonderful succulent.
Originally hailing from Mexico and Honduras, Sedum Burrito loves the warmth of the jungle. This houseplant has easy care and is suitable for beginners, which needs bright sun, great for your conservatory.

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