Reflecting on Our RHS Chelsea Gold Medal Win: A Year of Growth and Inspiration

As a new RHS Chelsea Flower Show comes into view this week, we can't help but reflect on the exhilarating journey we embarked on a year ago, clinching a coveted RHS Chelsea gold medal.

The past year has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with growth, learning, and endless inspiration.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation, where gardeners, horticulturists, and houseplant enthusiasts from around the world converge.

The opportunity to connect with fellow plant lovers and engage with visitors was a delight. Meeting so many wonderful individuals who shared our passion for plants was a remarkable experience.

The Journey to Gold: Winning a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show was a dream come true. We took a risk, focusing on sustainable plant care, and the recognition from the judges affirmed our commitment to promoting the beauty and the health benefits of indoor greenery in a sustainable way.

Collaboration breeds success: The RHS Chelsea Flower Show taught us the immense power of collaboration. Together, we poured our passion and creativity into every detail of our display, achieving something truly remarkable. The coming together of Sarah, the Plant Rescuer, Liquid Gold Leaf, Soil Ninja, and Worcester terrariums proved to be a winning formula.

Attention to detail matters: In the world of horticulture, the significance of every detail cannot be overstated. Our approach to plant selection, display layout, and overall presentation played a vital role in capturing the attention of the judges and visitors alike. The right plant, in the right place mattered at Chelsea.

Innovation leads the way: At Chelsea, innovation drove our designs. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show provided the perfect platform to showcase cutting-edge techniques, sustainable practices, and emerging trends in the houseplant industry. This experience reinforced our belief in pushing boundaries and continually seeking new ways to elevate the houseplant experience for our customers. If you are going to show at Chelsea, have something to say!

Continuous learning is essential: The RHS Chelsea Flower Show proved to be an invaluable learning experience. We immersed ourselves in a wealth of knowledge, learning from industry experts, fellow exhibitors, and passionate plant enthusiasts. Our understanding of horticulture, design principles, and plant care expanded significantly. This experience instilled in us a deep appreciation for lifelong learning and the importance of staying at the forefront of our field.

Our journey at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and the subsequent year of growth have been transformative for Happy Houseplants and we have embraced the valuable lessons learned along the way. We wish all those exhibiting next week the best of luck, we understand firsthand the effort and dedication that is required to exhibit at RHS Chelsea!

Learn more about our Chelsea Plant clinic here


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