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Unkillable Plants.

Low Maintenance, Unkillable and Easy Care Houseplants

If you’re looking for your first indoor plant, or just want something low-maintenance and beautiful, look no further than our range of easy houseplants. We have an extensive range of large and small unkillable houseplants, all delivered to your door.

What are Easy Houseplants?

Easy houseplants don’t require much in the need of maintenance. While some other plants need very specific feeding and watering schedules, our low maintenance indoor plant range is ideal for a range of conditions, with minimal upkeep needed.


Whether you’re new to keeping houseplants, or you’re just short on time, easy houseplants are the perfect option for bringing a luxurious jungle feel to your home, without taking over your whole life.

Our Favourite Easy Maintenance Plants

Our passion is sharing our love of all things flora. Some people are afraid to bring a bit of nature into their home, as they think it’ll create too much hassle. We help you to bring the great outdoors indoors.


From large Euphorbias, to cure Philodendron, we have easy houseplants to suit every taste and space. Our unkillable houseplants are also perfect if you’re away from home for longer periods of time. When you come back, your favourite plants will still be thriving.

Low Maintenance Houseplants, Delivered to your Door

We’re proud to have one of the finest selections of unkillable, low-maintenance and easy houseplants in the UK. Our stock is constantly updated, with an extensive range of options available at all times.


For our smaller houseplants, we offer delivery across the UK, using Royal Mail and Parcel Force. For anything over 1.2m tall, we’ll hand deliver your plants to your door, within the South-East region. If you live further afield, contact us today to organise special delivery.