Plants For Offices

& Events


Happy Houseplants have passion and experience styling with plants to create unique living spaces. 

Working with interior designers, creative teams and architects we have collaborated on a wide variety of commercial projects including offices, shops, exhibitions, hospitality and residential.


We can help transform your space, making sure every element of the plant installation is closely managed to bring your vision to life on time and budget. 

We can also help you make informed decisions so the plants you choose will not only survive but thrive.


We can also help you with costs and advice to maximise your budgets. If you're looking for big and bold like the Amstel king or something small for the desk like the Aloe vera our plants look great. 

We can also support smaller or one-off projects for clients, employees or events creating unique and engaging houseplants gifts.


Plants make people healthier, happier and more productive.

Please get in touch and lets us know how can we help you?

Indoor Plants
Modern Office
Plant filled contemporary office space