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The Best Pet Friendly Plants

View our range of pet friendly plants. All are safe around dogs and cats! Let Happy Houseplants help you buy pet safe plants for your home, quickly & easily today. We hand-pick & hand-deliver your plants straight to your door.

Our Pet Friendly Indoor Plants

At Happy Houseplants, our mission is to bring the great outdoors inside. As animal lovers ourselves though, we know that not every plant is safe for our furry friends. As such, we stock a range of pet friendly plants, which are perfect for your home.


From large pet safe plants to centre your room around, to small houseplants for desks, tables and bookshelves, we have everything you need to achieve the perfect atmosphere in your home, all while keeping your pets healthy.

Dog and Cat Friendly Houseplants

Different houseplant species can be harmful to your pets, from causing irritation and behavioural issues, to being outright poisonous. Our range of dog and cat safe plants have been specially sourced to avoid any harm to your precious pets.

Our customers and their pets adore our Large Sedum for an incredible hanging statement piece in their rooms, or our Baby Burrito Burrow’s Tail to add a hint of colour and class to their bookshelves.

Pet Safe Indoor Plants from Happy Houseplants

At Happy Houseplants, we’re proud to stock an incredible collection of the finest pet friendly plants in the UK. We constantly update our inventory, so that our customers can always find new and exciting indoor plants for their home.

We offer nationwide delivery, using Royal Mail for smaller houseplants, and hand-delivering our larger specimens. Check out our delivery information to find out more about ordering your next pet safe indoor plant.