Rescue Plants with the Original @Theplantrescuer Box

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"Plants shouldn’t end up in the bin just because they no longer look ‘perfect’. They deserve our love and care, for without them none of us would exist. All too often houseplants are treated as disposable items, like a wilted bunch of flowers but they are alive and do so much for us, the least we can do is try our best to help them recover" 


Sarah @theplantrescuer

The Plant Rescuer Box is filled with indoor plants that have imperfections or that simply didn’t sell quick enough. Plants that no longer meet our highest quality standards or that have simply been on the shelves for too long. Plants like this are usually thrown away but we want to change the industry and give them a second chance!



What's in the box?

The contents of the box will change week to week but we can promise that you’ll receive a box filled with plants. 

How many plants does the Box contain?

The number of plants varies between 2 and 4 plants in total, sometimes more. 

How many Boxes can I order?

You can purchase only one box per order. This way, we can allow more orders and make as many people happy with a box as possible. 

My Plants have brown, torn or yellow leaves, can I get a refund?

All the plants sold will be imperfect but with the right care will grow - so sorry, no refunds will be given. The price reflects the condition of the plants.  

Who should buy this box?

The rescue box is for more experienced plant keepers, those with the patience and understanding to rescue plants. However, everyone has to start somewhere so this is a nice way to learn how to rescue plants. Need advice check out Sarah Instagram feed for tonnes of tips and advice on how to rescue plants.