Plant Styling

Updated: Sep 8

Plant styling is still trending, everyone wants some green in their life right now but the secret to success is choosing easy care plants and helping clients with aftercare.

Any successful job should leave the client not only happy with their choices but also equipped to care for their plants so they feel confident and happy that they understand what to do week to week and month to month.

Choosing the right plants for a space takes experience and time, a home visit is essential and a follow-up a few months after the initial installed is the least you should expect. We tell client not to expect all there plants to thrive instantly, plants and people sometimes take time to adapt. Plants will always bounce back so patience is the key.

Some of our Plant Styling Top Tips:

  • Speak to a Plant expert, advice is often free and keep realistic. Discuss your needs and ambitions and the look and style you want, Bohemian, Modern, jungle etc and then listen to the advice given if you want success.

  • You are most likely to get the best quality plants through a Plant specialist - giving you the best chance for success. Some interior designers use plants as homewares, not so good if you want thriving plants.

  • Any given space and home will have features that will create opportunities to Plant Style but when dealing with living things light and temperature will have a role to play and influence what realistic and possible. Tropical plants rarely will thrive in cold dark corners.

  • Bathrooms are often neglected, as long as you have some natural light you can grow some wonderful humid loving Plants - Orchids are a great choice. Use hanging planters to keep bathrooms clutter free so you can easily clean and mop the floor.

  • Most Plants love indirect Sun, everyone assumes you need bright blazing sunshine to have success with plants but too much light can limit your choices. A room that gets some sun during the day will grow most plants sold in the high street. If you have skylights and bi-folds even better, you can grow almost any plant.

  • Bedrooms are a great place to style, add a shelf above your bed and you can wake up to beautiful green plants every day. Use lightweight pots though to avoid sore heads.

  • Think about the seasons, what looks great next to your radiator in the summer won't work so well in winter when the radiator on full heat. Move the plants and they will adapt but take time so think it through before you fill up every space in your home. We don't follow this rule at happy Houseplants, we suffer in winter for our plants.

  • Mix and match leaf shapes and textures to create interest and focus, oversized leaves are much more fun in large spaces than lots of small plants with tiny leaves so go big if you have high ceilings and large rooms.

  • Plants grow and change shape regularly, expect your plants will sometimes become unruly, we encourage our clients to embrace that change, its cool to watch and you will have much more fun with Plants if you accept you live with them and don't control them.

  • Planters play a huge role in the look you want, we love seagrass planters at Happy Houseplants because they are sustainable when ethically sourced and provide important employment and trade. They also look amazing!

  • Plants grow up and down, sounds obvious but if you think about the space you want to style its critical; to imagine where the plant will grow, A high shelf lends on a fireplace lends itself to a hanging plant not a plant that grows upwards. Trailing plants can also be teased through bannisters on stairs for along shelves.

  • Some plants are neat and grow slow, Cacti and succulents will rarely grow out of control if you struggle to cope with chaos. Go big if you can and you may even get flowers each year. Large Cacti are stunning if you don't have pets and children.

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