We love this gloriously stylish Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush!


The Fiddle Fig Bush is just one of the styles of Fiddle leaf fig tree for sale on our site - it is the sister of our Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. We also have the lollipop shape Fiddle Leaf fig, the single stem Fiddle Fig and the 27cm Fig tree.


Our Fiddle Leaf fig bush has violin shaped, luxurious, glossy emerald leaves and it shouts opulence and chic.  It makes an outstanding centrepiece in any room. Whether your home is modern and minimal or Victorian and filled with antiques - our Fiddle Leaf Fig bush will be the perfect foil.


With its native home in the rainforest, this Fig bush will have you imagining the atmosphere of the tropics when you look at it. Think humidity, birds calling, heavy raindrops, a knotted forest of plants fighting for their space in the light! Close your eyes and be taken away from your room and transported into the exotic!


Our Fiddle Fig bush has three stems with beautifully large, shining leaves sprouting from them.  It can, if you like, be trained to become a Fig leaf tree shape over time.


The Fiddle Leaf fig in a home in the uk will enjoy humidity in a room - remember its jungle home - and will hate being overwatered - in the rainforest there are long periods of dry weather followed by downpours!


Fiddle Leaf fig responds better to neglect than attention and it hates being moved once it’s in a position it likes.  Better to admire from afar - otherwise it cant start to drop leaves.


The Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush makes an outstanding indoor plant gift! For the lucky person who may receive this as a present, we can also include a free, handwritten card - and we won’t put in the paperwork so the price will be a secret! Just leave your gift message at the basket stage of checkout and we’ll sort it out!


Where should I put it?

Fiddle leaf fig bush likes a bright position away from  direct light.


Does it need feeding?

Feed with a liquid feed every month or so April to Septembe.


Any other care?

Fiddle leaf figs will need their leaves dusting or misting regularly.  Fig tree leaves may sometimes start to drop if the plant is overwatered.