Aloe ramosissima is rarely offered species of succulent from South Africa’s and Namibia. The foliage is blue-green and grows in tufts at the tips of the branches. The flowers are bright yellow.


We have only one large specimen of this strikingly beautiful succulent which is almost never available in this extra large size in the UK. It a very decorative with a unique, sculpture-like appeal when grown as a single specimen indoors. 


Low-maintenance and an excellent choice for anyone new to growing houseplants. This plant will thrive as long as its watered only when its completely dry and kept in a warm and sunny spot. 


Plant care level

This one is really easy care for and perfect for beginners.


Where should I put it?

This houseplant needs bright direct light. 


How should I water it?

Water when the top few inches of soil are dry, soak through and leave to drain.


What about feeding?

You need to give a feed once a month in spring and summer - try our vegan, organic plant food!


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, this plant can be toxic to cats and dogs.


What size is it?

 Delivered ready in terracotta planters. 


For more tips on general houseplant care, please take a look at our video!

Aloe ramosissima *rare*