Wow! We love the look of this unusual cactus!


The standard Myrtillocactus Geometrizan is a highly branched columnar candelabra like tree cactus that creates a dense growth of stems growing closely together. In nature it grows up to 4.5 m tall, with the crown reaching up to 5 m in width. 


It is one of those extremely rare houseplants that you don’t often get the chance to buy, but we have it here at Happy Houseplants!


The crested form is a spectacular mutation that is highly sought after and very difficult to find in this very large size. It is a beautiful, unusual cactus. 


Complement the style of your home with this cactus, be it modern or period…….this cactus will deliver in spades and will be a winner in any surroundings.


It’s easy to look after too so don’t be afraid of the exotic look - the biggest mistake you might make is to give it too much attention!


If you do decide to give this extra large cactus to someone special as a gift, we can add a personal touch - we will include a free, handwritten card with your order. We won’t enclose any giveaway paperwork either!


We hand deliver all our extra large houseplants to London and the Home Counties. Please see our delivery section for further details.


Myrtillocactus Care level

Easy care, suitable for beginners


Does this cactus need much water?

No, this cactus needs little watering, let soil dry out completely before watering.


Where should I put it?

It likes a sunny spot in summer and a bright spot in winter, never draughty.


Should I feed this cactus?

You can give it a feed in spring and summer. Why not try our vegan, organic plant