We love this spectacular and highly unusual houseplant! From the large Aloe family of succulents, this large houseplant has a thick trunk that in its natural habitat is used to store water.  From the top of this branch the Aloe leaves - it’s a very sculptural succulent and extremely eye catching!


One to add to your succulent collection, Aloe Discothoma has a very unique look that you certainly won’t find everyday!This large houseplant can be difficult to get hold of so you need to grab it while you can if you see it in stock!


Succulents are generally very good at surviving in dry conditions as they have adapted themselves to withstand some quite extreme environments.  Some people are real succulent fans - and they know something that other people don’t - succulents are really beautiful and very individual houseplants that require very little attention or care. So if you don’t want the bother of lots of maintenance then succulents may be ideal for you - this Aloe Discothoma is fascinating to look at too!


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Aloe Discothoma care level

This houseplant is fairly easy care, suitable for beginners.


Where should I put it?

It likes high, direct light.


How should I water it?

Just water occasionally -