We love Calathea White Fusion for its amazing variegated foliage!


Calathea White Fusion - has marbled white and green leaves with purple undersides, each leaf has its own unique design, it is stunning centrepiece to have in your home and will be much admired by any visitor!


Calatheas are perfect as a taste of the tropical rainforest, you can enjoy the benefits of the rainforest inside your own home and feel the power that houseplants can have on psychological health and wellbeing.


You may see it in the pictures of magazines - it’s very distinctive.  Imagine how it will look next to your sofa in a wonderful planter! It really does add a definite tropical flavour to a room which is always welcome particularly when it’s cold outside!


As a bonus Calathea White Fusion fine if you have pets! It’s sometimes tricky to find houseplants that are suitable if you have cats and dogs - many of them can be toxic if eaten. However, this plant is fine! If you’d like to find out more about houseplants that are suitable if you have pets, have a look at our pet-safe collection on the home page.


If you’d like to give this amazing house plant as a gift then we can make it even more special by including a free, handwritten card as part of your plant gift delivery.


Here at Happy Houseplants we pride ourselves on personal service and we really want to share our love of plants - so whether it’s variegated house plants or cacti, mini indoor plants or large foliage plants, we’re the best place to buy houseplants!


Calathea 'White Fusion' care level

Requires a little extra care.


Where should I put this plant?

It needs a warm room away from draughts and bright but indirect light - if it’s put in full sun the leaves may curl up and burn.


How should I water it?

Water when the top few inches are dry to the touch and then soak and allow to drain, use rain water if possible. The soil needs to be kept moist but do not let it sit in water. Calathea like a humid atmosphere, stand it on a tray filled with pebbles and water and mist in the summer. 


Should I feed it?

You can feed in spring and summer - try our vegan, organic plant food!


Is it suitable if I have pets?

Yes! This plant is great if you have cats or dogs.


What size is this houseplant?

W14cm x H35cm 


For more tips on general houseplant care, please take a look at our video!


Calathea White Fusion