Ceraria namaquensis is a species of succulent shrub, native to the border between South Africa and Namibia. 


The stems grow upwards, spreading and forking and are covered by many short, spiky succulent like leaves. A profusion of small pink flowers are seen in spring. In Summer  the leaves drop off altogether when dry arid conditions are greatest in its native habitat and the plant enters a short dormant stage, this is normal and the leaves will grow back quickly. This is a beautiful and unusual plant for the collector. 


This species is not difficult to grow, however, it requires extremely coarse, well-drained soil, and sparse watering.  


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Ceraria namaquensis care level

Experienced, needs bright light and dormant for parts of the year. 


Where should I put it?

Place in a bright spot with indirect light, not shade.


How much should I water it?

Ceraria namaquensis requires water only when the soil is dry, maybe once a week in summer. no water when dormant.


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, this plant is toxic to pets.


Should I feed this houseplant?

You can feed a couple of times during spring and summer - why not try our vegan, organic plant food?


What size is it?

W10cm x H20cm


For more information on houseplant care, please see our video.

Medium Ceraria namaquensis *Rare*

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