The variegated croton is a stunning houseplant, the leaves are green with bold yellow, red, or orange veins and edges. Crotons have a reputation for being fussy plants, but they are really worth the little extra care required to keep them happy. They don’t like being moved much — they like to stay in one place, it may lose a few leaves from the shock of moving and like most tropical plants, crotons like humidity. Put a layer of stones in a tray with a little water for it to sit on to keep the moisture around the plant, occasional misting will also help increase the ambient humidity. Provide steady warmth, keep away from draughts and in a sunny spot. 



A Bright spot really brings out the vibrant colours in the leaves. A Couple of hours of direct sun is great but avoid the scorching midday sun as this will cause leaf fade.



Only water when the top half-inch to an inch of soil is dry to the touch. Water until it starts to come out of the bottom of the container, then wait until the soil dries out again before rewatering. Watering with lukewarm water is recommended.



Increased humidity levels are a must. Stand on a wet pebble tray to improve humidity and mist frequently. Gently hose in the shower from time to time to give an extra boost.



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Codiaeum Petra - Croton

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