A truly tropical plant that we really love, Codiaeum Petra gives the rainforest feel in any home with a wild explosion of colour to rival a rainbow. Wanted to be taken to the tropics on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon, this is the plant for you!


A bold and elegant and tall houseplant native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and the western Pacific Ocean islands, growing in open forests and scrub.


Codiaeum Petra shouts ‘tropical’ to anyone looking at it with its explosion of colourful foliage reaching up towards the light. Although it’s a tall houseplant it doesn’t actually take up a lot of space with its slim form.  


Codiaeum Petra would make a fabulous houseplant gift for that extra special person who likes a flavour of the tropics. Imagine the pleasure when that plant gift delivery arrives at the door!


Codiaeum Petra plant is not hard to manage and will bring so much pleasure!


If you do decide to gift this houseplant to a special person, we can make it even more personal by including a free, handwritten card with your delivery. We won’t enclose the paperwork so there’ll be no seeing the price!


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Codiaeum Petra Care

Codiaeum Petra is easy for most people but does require good light and frequent regular watering so not for those who are very busy.  


Where should I put it?

Codiaeum Petra likes high or direct sunlight, a humid, sunny spot.


How much should I water?

Soil should be kept moist but not soggy.  The best advice is to water when you feel the top couple of inches of soil are dry. Our secret tip is to put Codiaeum Petra on a bed of pebbles with water, it works wonders for this plant.  


Is this plant suitable if you have pets? 

Codiaeum Petra is toxic to cats and dogs.


Should I feed this houseplant?

You can give this plant a feed in spring and summer - why not try our vegan, organic plant food?


What size is it?

W21cm x H60cm, W24cm x H70cm, W27cm x H90cm, W35cm x H130cm


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We have a great video on general houseplant care, why not have a look?

Codiaeum Petra - Croton

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