We love the elegant trailing form of this wonderful hanging houseplant.


Dischidia Pectanoides is a very interesting small hanging houseplant that will produce small red flowers and loves a steamy kitchen or bathroom.


The Ant plant comes from a huge family of tropical rainforest plants, climbers and vines that have swollen, pocket like leaves a bit like ravioli!


Dischidia Pectanoides actually has leaves like little pods, in the rainforest these are home to colonies of ants! Hence the name ‘Ant plant’. These ants help to pollinate it in a sort of mutually beneficial arrangement - the plant gives the ants a home and the ants help the plant to thrive!


Never fear though, as an indoor plant pests will not colonise your living room!


Dischidia Pectanoides is an air plant, an epiphyte needing very little care and attention - it only needs sunlight, air and a little water to survive!


It doesn’t require soil or compost, it will tolerate very dry soil, or simply a piece of wood or shell to perch on.  


If you want to buy this small houseplant as a gift, we’ll make it extra special by adding a free, handwritten card along with your order.  If you leave your message at the basket stage of checkout then we’ll arrange it! We’ll leave out the paperwork so the price won’t be seen!


Care level

Ideal for beginners.


Where should I put this plant?

This plant likes bright light or partial shade, direct sun may scorch leaves.


How should I water it?

Your plant needs very little water, just a misting should be enough when it is dry, or if in soil keep the soil really dry.


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, this plant is toxic to pets.


What size is this plant?

W14cm x H 50cm. 


For more information on houseplant care, please see our video.


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Dischidia Pectanoides - Ant Plant 14cm x 50cm