This Rubber Plant has the most beautiful and unusual foliage. The new leaves emerge with a vibrant pinky red tone which adds impact to the variations of cream and green. As the foliage ages the colours mellow to a variegated leaf. 24cm wide pot


Why we love it:

As well as being a beautiful plant, Rubber Plants are fantastic for filtering the air and removing toxins from the environment. 


Happy Plant Guide:

  • Pot in a rich fast draining soil with drainage holes at the bottom.
  • Water when the top 1" of soil has dried out, drench until water comes out of the bottom then leave to dry again.
  • A little neglect, easy on the watering and repot regularly will ensure your plant grows strong.
  • Regularly dust with a damp cloth.
  • Mist the foliage occasionally using rainwater in a spray bottle to mimic the plants humid natural environment.
  • Standard liquid fertilizer can be applied once a month during spring and summer.
  • Check foliage for common pests such as aphids and spider mites. Many pests can be removed simply by spraying the plant with strong stream of water. You can also wash the leaves with insecticidal soap.
  • Repot every year during spring. Check the bottom of the pot to see if the roots are growing out of the drainage holes or growing in a dense circle.
  • Direct light will hurt the leaves and then will curl as a way of asking for your help. Move the plant a little away from there window and they will spring open again.

Ficus Elastica Belize 85cm


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