Commonly known as the weeping fig, Ficus Exotica make excellent potted plants, with beautiful glossy foliage, a plant this size makes a beautiful and bold statement piece.

Ficus Exotica are a great choice for the office, they purify the air and filter toxins, they are extremely adaptable and therefore easy to grow, they like a bright spot away from direct sun and draughts.



Bright indirect light, shade from strong midday sun is absolutely necessary



Allow the top 2-3 cm of soil to dry before watering, add a layer of pebbles to the saucer so that the roots do not sit in water that may collect there. Spray every few days to increase humidity. During the winter reduce the watering.



Ficus plants grow rapidly and will do well with plenty of nutrients. Feed with plant food monthly in the spring and summer 



make sure the temperature in winter does not fall below 15 C, keep away from draughts.


Ficus Exotica twisted stem 300cm, 60cm pot

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