We love the elegance and simplicity of this single stem Fig tree!


One of our range of Fiddle leaf Fig plants, this large houseplant is a stunning addition to any room with its beautiful single stem, the large leaves sprouting from it. It’s really a class act, it demands attention in your home - and it will get noticed!


Fiddle Fig leaves are luxuriously large, shaped like violins, hence the name. In their rainforest home the Fiddle Leaf Figs are epiphytes, meaning they grow in the branches of other trees. In fact the Fiddle Figs gradually strangle the host tree! 


In your home however, they will only complement your furnishings, not overpower them! 


We love the glossiness of the leaves, the confidence of this large houseplant…….it doesn’t try to hide and it’s proud!


Fiddle leaf fig doesn’t like a lot of attention - don’t try to move it about once it’s settled in a spot.  Just relax and admire from afar!


Where should I put it?

Fiddle leaf fig likes a bright position but not in direct light.


Does it need feeding?

Feed with a liquid feed every month or so. We sell a vegan, organic plant food, have a look!


Any other care?

Fiddle leaf fig trees will need their leaves dusting or misting regularly.  Fig tree leaves may sometimes start to drop if the plant is overwatered.


Are they suitable if you have pets?

Ficus lyrata can be toxic to cats and dogs if nibbled.


What size is this Fig?

110cm tall x 21cm wide. Why not have a look at our seagrass planters?


For more information on how to look after your houseplants, take a look at our video.


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