This more compact shaped rubber plant is another winner - add it to your collection of indoor Figs!


Rubber plants are stunning and popular, and the Ficus Melany Mangrove is no exception.  A little less well known that some of the more common Ficus plants, it’s a great looking Fig.  It’s an interesting foliage plant, with slightly smaller, dark emerald leaves tinged with burgundy and a more tightly formed, bush-like shape.


Great in a bright room, this rainforest plant is best out of direct sunlight - any room will suit it as long as it isn’t put in shade. It’s a really attractive and stylish plant that has a smart, subtle look - try it in one of our seagrass planters for an additional touch of class.


If you want to give this lovely ficus as a houseplant gift, we’ll include a free, handwritten card - just note your message at the basket stage of checkout and we’ll get it organised for your recipient. There won’t be any giveaway paperwork either to give the game away!


Ficus Melany Mangrove care level

This is an easy care plant, suitable for beginners.


Where should I put it?

As with most rainforest plants, this houseplant likes bright but indirect light, not shade.


How should I water it?

You should soak and allow to drain, then not water again until the top couple of inches of soil are dry to the touch.  You must be sure to pour away any water that has drained into the saucer because Figs don’t like to sit in water.


Should I feed it?

You can feed in spring and summer - once a month is plenty. Try our vegan, organic plant food!


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, this plant can be toxic to pets if nibbled.


What size is this plant?

W21cm x 70cm - Try our seagrass planters!


If you’d like to see a video on general houseplant care, why not take a look at one we’ve made for you?


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Ficus Melany Mangrove - Rubber plant