Rhipsalis Plasnts are primarily epiphytic - meaning they live in trees, but some are lithophytic -that is growing in the cracks of rocks. Typically species feature cylindrical-pendant stems that branch frequently, however some are flattened or have angled stems. Spines are absent in most or if present, very fine and hair-like. Flowers are among the smallest of cactus flowers if not the smallest and predominantly white; some may have a yellow or red tinge.  


There are just under 40 species and most occur in Brazil. A few are found more widespread in South America up into Central America, the Caribbean, and one species as far as Madagascar and Sri Lanka making Rhipsalis the only member of the Cactus Family that occurs naturally in the "Old World". Although, some feel that this plant may have been carried over by people and therefore not actually a natural occurrence.


We can't identify this variety, the plants arrived unlabelled but like all Rhipsalis they are generally very easy care and will enjoy more watering in summer than winter. If you know what they are please email us or grab something special !




Unknown Rhipsalais Sp. - One metre long leaves!


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