We love this plant for its chunky body and interesting story!


The Maze plant (Hydnophytum papuanum) is a beautiful small plant with gorgeous fresh foliage on top of thick truink. Its an unusual plant that forms a symbiotic relationship with ants.  Hollow, smooth-walled tunnels form within the trunk or caudex  provide ideal homes for Ants. 


The Ant colonies provide nutrients to the plants by leaving wastes within the tunnels inside the caudex. This symbiosis allows the plants to effectively gather nutrients (via the ants) from a much larger area than the roots ever could cover.


Hydnophytum papuanum make a great houseplant gift for friends or family. If you are giving Hydnophytum papuanum as a gift, make sure you include your message at the basket stage.  We’ll deliver the houseplant along with a free, handwritten card - and we’ll leave out the paperwork with the price on!


Care level

Ideal for beginners.


Where should I put this plant?

This plant likes bright light or partial shade, direct sun may scorch leaves.


How should I water it?

Your plant needs very little water, just a misting should be enough when it is dry, or if in soil keep the soil really dry.


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, this plant is toxic to pets.


What size is this plant?

W12cm x H35cm


For more information on houseplant care, please see our video.

Hydnophytum papuanum ‘Ant Plant’ *Rare*