This trailing succulent has brilliant purple to rich, ruby red stems with lush green leaves. Under healthy sun stress, the leaves take on the purple and red coloration of the stems. Ruby Necklace blooms often and the bright yellow flowers are a bright contrast to the jewel-toned foliage.


  • During spring, summer, late summer and early autumn it can produce daisy-like yellow flowers.
  • A fast-growing plant that can grow up to 5cm tall and then start to trail, eventually to around 35cms.
  • The succulent foliage is also compared to little beans and this can range in colour from blue-green through to purple.
  • The brighter red stems bear the delicate flowers.
  • This plant is generally treated as a house plant here in the UK but it is actually hardy down to about -5 degrees C.
  • It is drought-tolerant once established.Growing in a 14cm hanging pot.


This is a beautiful and eassy care Houseplant. 


Othonna capensis “Sigetu”


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