Nolina Recurvata is also known as ‘elephant’s foot’ or the ‘ponytail palm’, it is a strong houseplant requiring very little care. It is not a true palm, the term ‘elephant’s foot’ comes from the large caudex at its base that stores water, which makes it look like the foot of an elephant. 

Pot Size 27cm, 110cm tall

Pot size 30cm, 135cm tall

Pot size 35cm, 160cm tall



It enjoys sunny and bright positions close to a window. Nolina can benefit from a spell outdoors in summer as long as it’s not left in direct sunlight.



It needs plenty of water from spring to mid autumn, but less so in winter, let is dry out between watering. It’s very important that it is not left to sit in water, or it will rot. It can thrive in rooms with central heating, as it doesn’t require humidity. Due to its enlarged base used for water storage, the nolina can survive periods of drought that would kill other plants and flowers.



Apply a light feed occasionally during the growing season. 


Nolina Recurvata single stem - Pony tail Palm/Elephants foot

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