We love this large philodendron for its fascinating foliage and elegant Victorian look!


Philodendron bipinnatifidum is a very versatile houseplant that will do well either in sun or deep shade, it adapts well to different conditions. If you want a really large houseplant that is suited to a variety of spaces then this may be one to consider.


Otherwise known as Philodendron selloum, or simple laude, it is a beautiful extra large houseplant that has wonderful emerald green leaves which explode from the base. It really gives the flavour of the rainforest and will either sit on the floor or on top of a dresser and drape itself artfully over your furnishings.


Seloum laude does well in moisture rich compost, but it is also happy to function as an epiphyte - a plant that grows on other plants and trees - and so we recommend sitting it in a tray of pebbles with water. This will keep the humidity high and will give it plenty of moisture as well.


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Philodendron care level

This plant is easy care, suitable for beginners.


Where should I put this plant?

You should place this houseplant either in sun or shade, it’s very adaptable.


How much should I water it?

If placed on pebbles, keep the pebble tray topped up with water at the base.

If grown in soil, keep the soil moist but not wet.


Should I feed it?

You can use a liquid feed a couple of times during spring and summer. We

sell our own vegan, organic plant food


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, this plant is toxic to pets.


What size is this plant?

W21cmx H70cm


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Please have a look at our video for general houseplant care advice.



Philodendron bipinnatifidum or selloum 'Cum Laude'