Philodendron Hastatum is a popular house plant because it is extremely easy to grow. This Philodendron has smooth and semi-gloss leaves


Hastatum is very rare and unusual philodendron with silver, almost metallic-looking it is perfect plant to light up your landscape. This philodendron has a strong climbing habit, so prefers a moss pole to grow on.

They thrive in moist soils with high organic matter and grow best when provided with a mossy post .hastatum can be great for your indoor displays or window plant 


When growing philodendron plants, allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings. The length of your index finger to the first knuckle is about an inch, so inserting your finger into the soil is a good way to check the moisture level. Droopy leaves can mean that the plant is getting too much or not enough water. But the leaves recover quickly when you correct the watering schedule.



Philodendron Hastatum 40cm

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