Pilea Peperomiodes is the must have plant of the moment, they are low maintenance and easy to grow.  When we stumbled across these XL plants we couldn't resist adding them to our collection, they are 60cm tall and just as wide in a 27cm pot, save yourself several years of growing and add instant impact to any room. Pileas love a terracotta pot as it lets the soil breath more than the plastic, but any pot with drainage holes will do, we soak ours in the sink once a week and leave to drain. 



Place near a window where it can get lots of light but not too much direct sun



once a week, allow top inch of soil to dry before watering again. soil should be damp not wet.



Use a good quality well draining potting mix, put a few pebbles at the bottom for extra drainage to prevent root rot



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XL Pilea peperomioides - Chinese money plant 50cm tall


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