The African spear plant has all the ease and durability of the snake plant and the appeal of lucky bamboo!


The plant consists of cylindrical spears that spring from the sandy soil. they can be almost entirely ignored and still thrive


The stiff elongated succulent leaves are truly unique, they have wavy edges and yellow tones, unlike any other sansevieria. ?


Ever popular as an office plant, it’s also good for mental and physical health being one of the better houseplants at providing clean air. The single leaf of this plant is of wonderful greens and gives the impression of freshness - it’s a great plant for stress relief!


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Sansevieria care level

Snake plant is easy care, suitable for beginners.


Where should I put it?

Snake plant likes high or direct light, not full sun.


How should I water it?

You can water when the top couple of inches of soil feel dry - soak through and pour off any excess water in the saucer.


Should I feed it?

You can feed it once a month during the spring and summer months - we do a vegan, organic plant food you might like to try!


Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, it’s toxic to pets if eaten.


What size is it?

W15cm x H40cm 


If you’d like to see a video we have made about general houseplant care, have a look here.



Sansevieria Cylindrica