This is a rare look at the unusual Adenium obesum, a man-made hybrid. This is an unusual but very attractive plant, with little resemblance to usual plants. It looks like a small tree. This plant is brand new,  extremely rare, and rarely seen for sale.


General care is very simple, treat this plant similar to a succulent or a cactus and you won't go far wrong. the plant like good light and being. caudex stores water well so it doesn't require a great deal of watering, in fact too much watering or sitting in damp soil will rot the plant. 


The plant will eventually go dormant as the weather cools, and the leaves will yellow and fade, It normal and to be expected and the cycle will begin again the following year. if you are new to houseplants or fast becoming an expert, everyone should try keeping at least one caudex - they are great seasonal favourites and mark the beginning of spring


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*Sold separately from the terracotta pot* 


Adenium obesum care level

This plant is easy to care for, a great caudex for beginners.


Where should I put this plant?

Adenium obesum likes bright indirect light, it will also enjoy a sunny spot. The brighter the light the better.  


How should I water Adenium obesum?

Water regularly during the active growing season. No water should ever be allowed to stand around the caudex. Keep completely dry in winter.


Should I feed this plant?

Feed once a month in spring and summer with liquid plant food. Why not try our own vegan, organic plant food?


Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

Poisonous Sap and toxic to cats and dogs. 


What size is this plant?

Each caudex is unique. Pot Included. 


If you would like more information on caring for houseplants, please have a look at our video here


Small Adenium Baobab