We love this wonderful succulent with its fantastic hanging foliage - it’s really unusual and fascinating to look at!


Sedum Burrito or Donkey’s Tail, is a really interesting hanging houseplant, having thick, trailing stems that tumble over the sides of the pot or basket, looking like tails - hence the name!


If you like unusual succulents then this could be perfect for you! The foliage is a beautiful blue green colour giving this small hanging houseplant an almost ethereal look. Ideal to brighten up a corner or even placed on a shelf this little succulent will give you something really delightful to look at and enjoy.


In its native environment in South Africa it lives in arid and dry landscapes. It propagates by breaking up easily in the wild when the wind or animals brush past and break small pieces away, down to a single leaf away from the mother plant. The small cuttings easily propagate again in the soil spreading the plant far and wide. The main threat to the species is urban development. 


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Sedum Burrito propagate by breaking easily, we will ship and wrap as carefully as we can but it's inevitable that some parts of the plant will break away from the mother plant. These can be easily propagated and it's natural and normal the plant soon grows larger once settled. Please only buy if you understand its normal (and think its fun propagating plants!). 


Sedum Burrito care level 

This is easy care, great for beginners.


Where should I put it?

It likes high or direct light, a few hours of the morning sun - try a south facing windowsill.


How should I water it?

You can water when the top layers of soil feel dry to the touch - then soak through and allow to drain.


Should I feed it?

You can feed every couple of weeks in spring and summer - try our vegan, organic plant food.


Is it suitable if I have pets?

Yes! This plant is fine with pets around.


What size is it?

16cm pot.


Please have a look at our video for general houseplant care advice.


All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot



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