Strelitzia Nicolai is also known as the white bird of paradise. Popular due to its tropical foliage, it provides instant impact and a sense of the jungle. This clever plant allows the leaves to split as they mature to allow light to reach lower parts of the plant. This will only flower after a few years. Strelitzia Nicolai are native to South Africa where the climate is mild and wet, to grow a Brid of Paradise indoors you will need to provide similar growing conditions.


70cm tall pot width 18cm

100cm tall pot width 24cm




Place in Bright light with some direct sun, should be slightly away from south facing windows to avoid burning. It will thrive if moved outside in the summer.



Keep the soil continually moist but not soggy, you will need to to water it more often in the spring and summer as it loses moisture through its big leaves. Allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry between waterings in the winter. Bird of paradise prefers high humidity, it is good to mist it if your home is dry.



Bird of Paradise likes to be planted in a free draining soil to prevent root rot. Repot every 3 years and only when roots are extremely pot bound.



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Srelitza Nicolai - White bird of Paradise 90cm x 19cm

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