Platycerium Superbum or the Giant Staghorm Fern is not to be confused with the more common and much smaller Elkhorn Fern you will usually find for sale in the UK plant shops.


Staghorn Ferns are epiphytic plants (any plant that grows upon another plant or object merely for physical support) whereas Elkhorn Ferns are terrestrial plants that grow in soil. Though they are of the same family of plants (Polypody), they are different genera and really are not very alike in shape or size.


Staghorn Ferns are large and very impressive plants that source nutrients and water from the air and surrounding environment. They make superb specimen or feature plants in your home and can grow happily mounted on a wall or grown as a hanging plant.


Growing Staghorn Ferns is relatively easy and make a good starter plant, given low to medium light and moderate moisture, they will thrive. Bright indirect light is best with a good soak once a week If you are after the true Staghorn you see in the home styling magazines or want to feature plant to add to your collection this is the right Staghorn plant to buy.


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Platycerium Superbum care level

This houseplant is easy care, suitable for beginners.


Where should I put it?

Platycerium Superbum Secret likes a bright spot with partial shade, so not full sun.


How should I water it?

This interesting houseplant loves humidity, soil should be kept moist, water when the top 2 inches dry out. Never let this plant dry out!


Does it need feeding?

You can give this plant a liquid feed once a month in spring and summer.

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Is it suitable if I have pets?

No, this houseplant is toxic to cats and dogs.


What size is it?



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Platyceriun Superbum *rare*