The chestnut vine, Tetrastigma voinierianum, is a beautiful and impressive tropical evergreen vine native to the rainforests of Vietnam and Laos. Like other species in the Vitaceae (grape) family, it clings to supports with winding tendrils.


In temperate climes, Tetrastigma voinierianum can be grown as a lush houseplant or conservatory plant, greening things up with its large, glossy leaves.


For best results, grow Tetrastigma voinierianum in bright but indirect sunlight in a loam-based compost. Feed with a liquid fertiliser, such as Happy Household liquid seaweed, each month while it’s in active growth. It will appreciate a regular misting, too. Water regularly while it’s in active growth and cut back in winter.


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Tetrastigma voinierianum - Chestnut Vine

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