We really love this tree form Monstera - a real head turner!


You may well recognise this stunning plant from tv or films - it has the glamour factor! Well loved by magazines too, this large houseplant will make a bold statement in a larger room - whether your home is traditional or modern.  You’ll be buying a look not just a plant!


Here at Happy Houseplants we can offer you the larger tree form which is unusual and hard to find. Loved in the seventies, this plant has really come back into fashion for obvious reasons - this plant is so loved by us that it even features in our logo!


This large Monstera really rocks the rainforest vibe with its luxuriant, enormous emerald green leaves featuring holes that in the jungle allow water and light to get through (The holes of course give it the name ‘Cheese Plant’).  Hailing from the rainforests of South America, it really brings a taste of the exotic into your home.  


In the wild this large Monstera will grow vertically by attaching itself to another tree but in the home you can give it a moss pole to climb up or support it on an indoor wall.  Our tree form Monstera comes with a mossy pole for support.


If you’re looking for a Monstera plant for sale then here at Happy Houseplants we think we have the best houseplants (UK) but we aren’t just selling you a plant - we are selling you style!


For a special gift, we can include a free handwritten card with your delivery for that special person. Just leave your message at basket stage of checkout - we’ll make sure there isn’t any paperwork so that the lucky recipient won’t see the price!


Where should I put this plant?

Our Monstera likes a bright spot with indirect light - any room in the house is fine really as long as the light is good.


How should I water it?

Water perhaps every couple of weeks in summer, less in winter. Only water when the top two inches of soil are dry, do not overwater. Monstera loves humidity so a misting spray and a humid environment are ideal - think rainforest!


Does it need feeding?

You can use a liquid plant feed a couple of times in the spring/summer months. We sell our own vegan, organic plant food. 


Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

No, this plant is toxic to pets.


What size is this plant?

120cm- 27cm pot 

140cm - 27cm pot

170cm - 32cm pot 


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If you’d like to know more about houseplant care, please have a look at our video.


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