We love the wow factor of this beautiful orchid! but its one for the experts only. 


Vanda orchids are beautifully coloured orchids that will provide a wonderful display in any room in your home.  The flowers are stunning, native to the treetops of the Himalayas, where they grow high up, their roots clinging to the trees for grip. They survive on moisture from dew and raindrops.


The reason that they are so brightly coloured is……they need to be to attract insects for pollination, to ensure survival.  They come in a rich variety of colours - we cannot tell which colours will be sent to us, but we often get pink, blue and chocolate.  Blue Vanda orchids are especially lovely.


We stock the large Vanda orchids which are over 1m tall! These have wonderful arching, emerald green leaves and air roots - in their natural habitat they don’t grow in soil, so the roots can be placed in a basket filled with bark or rock, then in time, the roots will cling to the basket. Why not try one of our seagrass planters? (link)


If you’re giving this lovely orchid as a gift, we’ll deliver it along with a free handwritten card - and we’ll omit the paperwork! All you need to do is to include your gift message at the basket stage of the checkout and we’ll take care of the rest!


Vanda care 

Vandas are not for beginners - Experts only. 


Where should I put my orchid?

Your Vanda needs to be in a bright spot with loads of natural light so that the flowers can keep opening - for the flowers to have the best colour the plant must be in a bright spot, but out of direct sunlight.


Vanda don’t do well in strong direct light, it may burn the leaves, particularly during the summer.

Normal room temperature is perfect for Vanda orchids and with the right conditions this plant will grow and thrive.


Once flowers have dropped off, you can cut out the flower spike. 


How should I water my Vanda orchid?

Vanda orchids need to be watered twice a week during warm weather and the water needs to be of room temperature, 20-24 degrees Celsius.   


The best way to water these is to fill the vase with water until roots are submerged, they will then absorb the water.  After half an hour you can remove the water from the vase.  It will store water in its roots to keep it going until the next watering.


In cooler weather you only need to do this once a week.


How should I feed my Vanda?

You can use a normal plant food - we sell our own vegan organic plant food and once a month you can use a specialist orchid feed.


Vanda orchids can and do re flower if placed somewhere with enough indirect light.


To stimulate flowering, you can place the Vanda orchid in a cool place for a couple of weeks, but continue to water and feed as usual, and give plenty of bright light.


For more general information on how to look after houseplants please see our video.


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Vanda Orchids - Over One Metre Tall