Plant Styling

May 19, 2018


Plant styling is a speciality of Happy Houseplants, we know how to create living spaces that are beautiful. Plants for a fraction of the costs  of a new sofa or kitchen can update the most tired of interiors instantly creating a style and atmosphere that will always be unique to your home.


The crew at Happy Houseplants follow a few simple design principals when it comes to styling with plants. Throughs years of experience the team have become experts in creating spaces that our clients love. 


Our top tips for styling with plants is recognising the shape and texture of leaves, being aware of location and size of your plants and grouping plants to create different looks. Plants like the Monstera or Cheese Plant can create an instant 70's vibe and plants like the Ficus Lyrata or Fiddle Fig can create an instant contemporary look. Simple planters keep the focus on the plants.


We also advise clients about making the most of space, using hanging shelves and brackets to add space for plants where none existed before. We work closely with the client, advising and supporting but keeping realistic and managing expectations. plants take time to really pop, and need to be placed where they will thrive. 


Whatever the look you want from Bohemia to minimalist and contemporary we have styling solutions for every room from bedroom to bathroom and everything in-between. 


Whether your keen to turn your whole house into a jungle or simply add a touch of greenery too your home please give us a call and we can help you create your own living space. 








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