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April 21, 2018


Welcome to Happy Houseplants and thank you for visiting our little bit space on the internet and making it as far as our blog. 


So Whats this place all about? Happy Houseplants is first and foremost a shop and we think we sell the best plants in the business and offer the best plant styling service around. We are also very proud of the unusual plants we find to put in our plant subscription box each month.  We are a small crew passionate about what we do - every customer and client is unique and special to us and we take great care to ensure we understand what you want. 


We are also driven by a desire to spread our passion about houseplants far and wide. We simply believe if people have the opportunity to own and look after some of the wonderful plants we sell they will care about where they come from and about saving them for the future. 


Plants are struggling in many places around the world and face challenges through urbanisation and the competition for land and water so plants need our help. 


The patience and time it takes to nurture and grow gorgeous plants is also a challenge for many of us right now - modern life is very busy so we hope to help by selling healthy mature plants straight to your door to guarantee success and create instant impact. 


Our blog will let you into our world of plants, the crew will talk about some of our plant styling projects - creating wonderful living spaces for our customers to enjoy. We will also share stories and photos of our other projects and the plants we sell and the people who buy them. We will also sometimes share with you some of the issue we think you will be interested in hearing about, mostly about plants. 


You can interact with the Happy Houseplants crew at anytime on Instagram at #happyhouseplants - we love to hear your feedback and to see your photos and hear your Houseplant stories. 



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