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Indoor Plants Passion: Nathan Thomas

Updated: Mar 13

In Plant Passions this week we talk to Nathan Thomas, Nathan has a beautiful Instagram account where he shares his passion for plants and interior design. Here are some of the things we learned...

Tell us more about you ? 

I’ve been a hair stylist for 19 years and I live in Guernsey with my partner James, our 2 Chihuahua’s Oscar & Prada, a small flock of hens and ducks and a lot of Honey Bees. I also have a hair care distribution business and I’ve recently started an interior design business Urban House Jungle which I’m really excited about, life is always full on here and I like it that way. 

How Did You Passion For Indoor Plants Begin?

My interest in plants started later in life. I don’t remember ever being so intrigued or so drawn to houseplants as a kid, in fact you’d be most likely to find me glued to my PlayStation (the original one) than ever considering plants or that I would one day live in an urban jungle.

Tells Us About Your Houseplants Feed?

I started my Instagram account to share pictures of my plants, my new home and it’s interior. I never realised then that I would become so connected and part of such an amazing and inspiring community. I like to keep things simple and I share what I know and base everything around my personal experiences. If it works for me I’m gonna let you know about it so you can hopefully gain the confidence to give it a go too. I’m like a magnet to anything that makes me smile or laugh and I like to laugh a lot so always be prepared for a giggle. 

What’s Your Favourite Indoor Plant?

I can’t pick just one.... ok my Calathea Orbifoila. 

Any secret Indoor plant tips ? 

I don’t know that there are any real secrets but I do think you should always trust your gut instinct. Ok one tip on watering...If a plant doesn’t look thirsty then it probably isn’t so maybe give it a few more days before watering again.

Large Cactus or Tropical plants ? 

Tropical please. I’m not the biggest fan of Cactus, they’re really awkward to hug.

If you want to know more about Nathan please follow him @bohemiahousejungle

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