2023 Houseplant Trends

Every year I like to predict the Houseplants trends, it's fun and its always important to look ahead. In 2022 we saw a lot of foliage plants being popular and hanging and variegated plants continue to sell well. These are the trends I can see making a bigger splash in 2023.

1. Classic Easy Care Houseplants are back in 2023. After the rare plant craze in lockdown older easy care favourites are back in favour. Easy to keep and beautiful, some familiar favourites like the Spider Plant and Cheese Plant will be even more popular in 2023. Great value plants that suit busy lifestyles.

2. Sustainable Houseplant Care, or learning how to care for your plants and helping them grow and thrive to avoid green waste. Repotting and providing moss poles, feeding your plants properly will all be trending in 2023.
3. Colourful Houseplants will be bigger in 2023. Foliage will still be popular but bold and colourful plants will be bigger this year, the brighter the better. Sustainable Houseplants will increasingly replace cut flowers as the go to gifting choice. Houseplants produce less waste and they last longer
4. Affordable Small Houseplants offering great value for money will be important for everyone in 2023. Houseplants will continue to be the cheapest and easiest way to update a space. If you can't afford a new sofa or rug, add new Houseplants instead to freshen up a room this year. Happy Houseplants will have monthly specials and Houseplant bargains available throughout this year to help.

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