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"This is the first, but definitely not the last time, I will buy from Happy Houseplants. Highly recommend.

The plants look as good as they do on the website"

"Fantastic experience from start to finish!

Ordering process simple and advice on the phone very helpful.

Delivered the next day by the nicest guy you could hope to meet." 

"Great company, I ordered my variegated peace lily yesterday and to my surprise it arrived today!!


The plant is in an excellent condition and is so beautiful.


I definitely recommend Happy Houseplants"

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Create your desirable, beautiful living space through plants

Happy Houseplants is a family run business specialising in indoor plant delivery - come to us if you want to buy indoor plants! We have something for everyone - from house plant gifts to variegated houseplants, from small houseplants to large plants for sale! We are the best place to buy houseplants!

Happy Houseplants is the best place to buy houseplants - whether it’s large or tall indoor plants, mini houseplants or succulents and cactus for sale.  We have the plants and the knowledge and we really enjoy sharing our passion for houseplants with you, our customers. Happy Houseplants is a London based Indoor plant shop. 

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