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Welcome to Happy Houseplants, where lush greenery meets professional excellence. We are a dedicated houseplant company that takes pride in curating a diverse selection, including sought-after varieties such as the rubber plant, monstera deliciosa, zz plant, fiddle leaf fig, areca palm, and kentia palm.

Our commitment is to create serene and stylish living and working spaces, offering houseplants and a botanical experience tailored to your needs. At Happy Houseplants, each plant, from the majestic fiddle leaf fig to the versatile pothos plant, is carefully chosen for its unique story and charm.

Operating from Berwick Farm in the picturesque Essex countryside, we cultivate a deep connection with the natural environment.

In our six years of growth, Happy Houseplants has become a respected name in the UK houseplant scene, earning accolades such as the RHS Chelsea gold medal. Opting for organic growth, we have remained true to our values, focusing on serving our customers, clients, employees, and the environment without external pressures.

Explore our online platform, where sophistication meets convenience. Browse through our collection, featuring indoor plants, hanging plants, large house plants, and popular picks like the maidenhair fern and tropical plants. Elevate your space with the best indoor plant design, where air-purifying plants, aloe vera plant care tips, and low-maintenance plants take centre stage.

Happy Houseplants is not just a brand; it's a celebration of houseplant culture. From devil's ivy to jasmine polyanthum, we celebrate the diversity of house plant species. Whether you're seeking small indoor plants or big indoor plants, our selection caters to all preferences. Purchase with ease, whether you're looking to buy plants online or exploring house plants for sale.

Join us in greening your surroundings, enhancing your indoor garden with tall house plants and indoor trees that effortlessly blend style and nature. Happy Houseplants is not just a destination; it's a commitment to bringing the best in indoor plants to your doorstep. Discover the joy of indoor living with Happy Houseplants – where nature thrives, and so do you.

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Emily, Owner

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