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      The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is renowned for its stunning show gardens designed by top landscape architects and garden designers. Visitors can explore a wide variety of plants, garden accessories, and horticultural exhibits. The show also features plant nurseries selling unique and rare plants. In addition to the beautiful displays, the show offers workshops, demonstrations, and talks by gardening experts.

      Caring for houseplants involves several key aspects to ensure their health and vitality. First, consider the specific needs of each plant, including its light requirements, watering frequency, and temperature preferences. Place houseplants in suitable locations with adequate light, whether they need bright, indirect light or can thrive in lower light conditions. Water indoor plants according to their individual needs, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between waterings and adjusting watering frequency based on the season and humidity levels. Use well draining soil and plant pots for houseplants with drainage holes to prevent waterlogged roots. Regularly inspect indoor plants for signs of pests or diseases, and promptly address any issues. Prune and remove dead or yellowing leaves to encourage new growth. Finally, periodically fertilise plants during their active growing season to provide essential nutrients. With proper care and attention, houseplants can flourish, adding beauty and a breath of fresh air to your indoor space.

      There are several houseplants known for their remarkable resilience and ability to thrive even in less than ideal conditions, making them nearly impossible to kill. The Snake Plant (Sansevieria) is a popular houseplant due to its tolerance of low light and infrequent watering. The ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is another virtually indestructible option, capable of surviving in low light, drought, and neglect. The Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is renowned for its air-purifying qualities and adaptability to various light conditions.

      These hardy indoor plants are perfect for beginners or anyone looking to enjoy the beauty of greenery without the stress of high maintenance care.

      Houseplants can be sustainable when chosen and cared for mindfully. Indoor plants contribute to a sustainable lifestyle by improving indoor air quality, absorbing carbon dioxide, and releasing oxygen. They can reduce energy consumption by improving insulation and reducing the need for heating or cooling in homes. Sustainable practices include choosing low maintenance, native, or non invasive species, avoiding overwatering, and using organic fertilisers. Additionally, propagating plants and sharing cuttings with others promotes sustainability by reducing the demand for new plant purchases. By making conscious choices and taking proper care, houseplants can be a valuable part of an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

      rhs chelsea collection

      The Chelsea Flower Show is an annual world-renowned gardening event organised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in London, UK. It showcases stunning show gardens, breathtaking floral displays, and innovative horticultural designs created by top landscape architects and garden designers. The event attracts gardening enthusiasts, professionals, and members of the public who come to admire the latest gardening trends, rare plants, and unique garden accessories. With its rich history, iconic location at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and international acclaim, the Chelsea Flower Show remains a prestigious and influential gathering for gardeners and plant lovers worldwide.

      In 2022, we collaborated with The Plant Rescuer and others to create The Plant Clinic, to showcase our houseplants and prioritise sustainable houseplant care. A great way to reduce waste and become more sustainable is to try one of our plant rescue boxes.

      This collection includes a range of houseplants that we used in our exhibit, including large and variegated monstera as well as maranta fascinator, a popular houseplant.


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      Small Indoor Plants for Every Space. Small houseplants are one of the most versatile ways to put a unique spin on your home. From adding colour to your bookshelf, to adding a little twist of nature to your bathroom or kitchen, houseplants are ideal for transforming your house into a home. Keep your home feeling fresh, by rotating your small indoor plants between different rooms, or adding new feature plants to your shelves and surfaces to suit the changing seasons. There’s no better way to make your mark on your living space.

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