Are Houseplants Good for You? Seven Health Benefits

A question that many of us and scientists have wondered is ‘are houseplants good for you?’. Do our beloved indoor plants offer more benefits than their beauty and making rooms become vibrant with their colourful foliage? The answer is houseplants offer amazing benefits that fall into two categories, improved mental well-being, and improved physical health.

Indoor plants are also opposite to humans with regards to respiration. When plants breathe, they inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen, the opposite to us. What does this mean? We have fresher air within our homes alongside our friendly nature buddies eliminating harmful toxins and smells. This is especially relevant for kitchens as there are many smells and toxins from food waste floating around. We have a blog on the best kitchen window plants here that will help you eliminate those odours with some stunning plants.

The pandemic has unfortunately made many of us stay and work from home due to restrictions. However, this has risen an opportunity to bring the outside in! Building your personal houseplant sanctuary like many people, can be a source of great joy. No matter where you live, adding nature in your beloved home is recommended by Happy Houseplants for the improvements on your health and overall mood. Let’s dive into some health benefits by houseplants.

1. Stress levels – We are all guilty of being overwhelmed and tense leading to increased stress levels. Research has showcased houseplants have reduced tension and stress by up to 40 per cent! Having nature around us makes us feel more connected with the outside world which is extremely important when we spend more time at home.

2. Boosts attention – A small study was conducted involving 23 school students, with each student placed in a room with a plant, fake plant, or none. The study had found that students that were placed with live plants had increased concentration and attentiveness to their peers. A small study, but one that proves how houseplants boosts our attention.

3. Boosts productivity – Many studies have identified the positive effects houseplants have in boosting our productivity. This is especially relevant in office environments as a study by the University of Exeter found employees productivity rose by 15 per cent when accompanied with indoor plants in their environment.

4. Mentally therapeutic – Around one in four adults unfortunately suffer from a form of mental illness and the pandemic has accelerated conversations and education around upkeeping our mental wellbeing. There has been an amazing correlation with houseplants boosting our morale and overall mental health. In fact, researchers are using horticultural therapy, a process involving plants and gardens to improve both peoples’ mental and physical health.

5. Improves work satisfaction – Researchers have identified that working in environments with indoor plants achieves a higher level of job satisfaction amongst employees. The researchers said the reason of this effect is houseplants buffers job stress and anxiety. Another reason to be happy with Happy Houseplants.

6. Boosts immunity – Houseplants also are associated to boosting our immunity and fight off illnesses. There was a study which involved patients in a hospital recovering had lower post-operative pain when in a room with indoor plants than those who did not. Houseplants are also linked to lowering blood pressure and reducing headaches by up to 25 per cent.

7. Boosts air quality – Several indoor plants are associated with eliminating toxins and smells. On our Happy Houseplant blog page, we have a blog on best plants at eliminating humidity within our homes. Having improved air quality results in numerous benefits such as reducing respiratory diseases like asthma.

There still is not enough research to determine what indoor plants are more efficient at reaping these benefits however, we encourage the more plants to maximise the chance of seeing the benefit of better air quality and well-being. At Happy Houseplants, we have a massive range of plants coming in different colours, shapes, and sizes.

  • If you want to stand out and be real conversation starters, we offer an entire range of rare and unusual plants. These plants will truly revamp any room whilst delivering the amazing health benefits. Available for UK delivery. 
  • Many of us are excited to get started with our plant sanctuary and continue our love for nature. We may also share the same love for our fury friends too! When deciding what plants to purchase, if you have any pets, it is important to identify the plants we buy are non-toxic. We have many pet friendly houseplants on our website. 
  • For those that are beginners and seeking an indoor plant sanctuary, low-maintenance houseplants are your go to! From the virtually unkillable Pothos plant to Cacti that loves bright direct light, we have a full range of unkillable plants, perfect for beginners

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