Benefits of Houseplants in the Workplace

The way we work is constantly evolving, from open floor plans and working-from-home options to hybrid working. However, some of the world’s largest companies are becoming aware of the benefits indoor plants can have both on their employees and the corporation.

As house plants surge in popularity, many scientific studies are identifying numerous benefits that fuel our indoor plant addiction. We have a natural desire to become more connected to nature, this is called ‘biophilia’. The unfortunate reality is spaces where we spend majority of our time during the week, tends to lack the natural elements thus, a lack of connection.

Having some forms of greenery in our workspace is incredibly important. Whether that is in an office or at home for those working remotely. Studies have identified that adding indoor plants to our working environment can have great positive effects on employees and organisations. Let’s dive into five benefits of office plants and encourage biophilic design in our workspaces. 


1. Indoor Plants boosts employee health – When your workspace has poor
ventilation, we can feel enclosed and often can begin to feel unwell with symptoms such as headaches and concentration difficulty. This is often referred to as ‘sick building syndrome’. Adding indoor plants in these types of environments can have significant effects on employee health. Naturally, houseplants will filter toxins from the room during respiration, making the air cleaner and fresher. Additionally, houseplants can add a bright colours, bringing a room to life!
We recommend our beautiful Peace Lily! The Peace Lily is a wonderfully elegant large houseplant that brings calm to any space! A super stylish and easy-care plant, with delightfully large leaves and is great at cleaning the air, what more could you ask for? 
2. They help reduce stress levels – We may love our jobs, but that doesn’t hide the fact they can bring us stress, sometimes its inevitable. In 2010, a study carried by the University of Technology, Sydney to identify the effects of houseplants on our mental health. The results showcased some spectacular results! They showed:
· 37% decrease in tension/anxiety,
· 58% fall in depression,
· 38% fall in chronic fatigue and
· 44% reduction in office anger/hostility.
Happy Houseplants recommends the ever-popular Snake Plant. Also known as the Sansevieria Trifasciata, this great houseplant is much loved for its ability to clean the air and ability to help mental and physical health. The Snake Plant is also super easy to take care of. Available now! 

3. Office plants help boost productivity Offices that are scarce of indoor plants are considered the most toxic work environments. When adding a few
indoor plants in an office environment, a 2014 study conducted by the University of Exeter have indicated it can boost productivity as much as 15 per cent! This reason correlates to the original point that humans have a natural desire to be connected to nature. When employees are engaged with nature in their surroundings, they tend to achieve greater productivity levels and ability to remain focused.
For office plants to boost productivity levels, Happy Houseplants highly recommends the Hanging Golden Pothos. This amazing office plant offers biophilic design without sacrificing space whilst adding splashes of colour, brightening up your office space. Just hang in medium to low-light levels as this plant is tolerant to a wide range of light conditions. 

4. Office plants enhance creativity – At work we are sometimes faced with creative blocks. We may have upcoming deadlines and can be stuck on an idea
for too long. The Human Spaces report carried out in 2015 identified that office spaces with natural elements scored 15% higher than offices with no natural elements. Bright colours from leaves and flowers, smells really help stimulate our inner creativity, releasing the flow of ideas. This stems back to our natural desire to be more connected to mother nature!
To help boost your office creativity, we recommend the gloriously stylish, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. A large indoor plant is how we know it, but the Fiddle leaf fig plant originates in the rainforests of central and western Africa, and it has become a favourite for those who like to buy indoor plants as an eye-catching centrepiece or bold statement for an office. This plant really screams indoor oasis, available at Happy Houseplants now!
5. Office plants reduce background noise – With office environments constantly evolving, open office plans are becoming increasingly popular. The disadvantage
to open office plans is noise levels. Having biophilic design in offices can help absorb some of the background noise, helping employees remain focused on their work. This is especially relevant to those offices with concrete walls or floors. According to research in 1995 from London Southbank University, positioning larger indoor plants in various locations, specifically in corners has a positive effect in reducing noise levels.
Happy Houseplants believes you can reap the benefits of reducing noise levels while still have a stunning tree with pots of personality! We recommend the Weeping Fig Tree. This indoor tree is a statement houseplant - it will inspire thoughts of tropical rainforests and dense undergrowth with tropical fruits hanging within reach! The Weeping Fig will be a stunning feature and will enhance any room. Buy yours today at Happy Houseplants.

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