Cactus Houseplant Varieties & Cactus Interior Design


Cacti may be the better choice if you have a busy life or can't keep tropical plants alive. They exude timeless good looks and are easy care plants, thriving even if neglected for a few weeks. 

Cacti have created cool and contemporary vibes in rooms for years, and the trend is not going away. Here we share some of our top tips to display your chic cactus at its very best.

Your cactus should thrive for a lifetime as long as you provide strong light and good drainage. Old grandaddy, the oldest cactus we know, lived for over 300 years in Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona, before it succumbed to old age.

Mix up shape and varieties

Mix up your cactus's shape, colour and variety to create interest. Everyone loves a classic cowboy cactus but mix it up and consider the white-coloured Euphorbia Erytrea Variegata instead. When you're thinking about Euphorbia care, always think about the climate it would live in nature and the sort of weather it would thrive in - and that will give you a good idea of how to look after it!

Mix with more miniature cacti like the Kalanchoe Beharensis, a tree-like succulent native to Madagascar. It's a slow-growing, hardy plant with triangular-shaped leaves that are silvery green and have a gorgeous velvet texture and crimped edges. It's statuesque and certainly looks as though it's come straight from an arid plain!
Opuntia Microdasys Pallida, also known as the bunny ear cactus, because the pads resemble bunny ears hence the common name! This plant requires very little pampering to become established. More die from too much care and watering than from neglect.

Don't be afraid of colour.

We are big fans of cereus peruvianus, a fantastic blue cactus! We are still trying to understand why the Peruvianus is blue. It may have adapted to protect itself from the sun or pests; no one is quite sure. It's certainly eye-catching, though!

 The Bigger the better!

Cereus peruvianus 'Monstrosus' is a striking plant, and hard to find a plant in this shape and size that stands out from the cactus crowd. The colouration is a gorgeous blue, and like every cactus, they all come in unique shapes. A chunky cactus that makes a beautiful, big and bold statement in any room - it never fails to start a conversation!


Portulacaria afra is a small-leaved succulent plant found in South Africa and is sometimes known as the dwarf jade plant because of its good looks. Its charm rivals any bonsai, and this tree will grow happily indoors all year. The beautiful variegated variety is now available, a mix of red stems and yellow and white leaves.

Pilocereus pachycladus azureu will provide a strong accent amongst more leafy plants or as a stand-alone feature in a room. If you are looking for a classic cactus shape, this is the one to choose. It will grow nice and tall, given sufficient light— a perfect cactus to buy as a gift.

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