Eight Most Popular Kitchen Window Plants


Every single room within your home deserves hints of greenery to brighten up the room. Specifically, kitchen plants! At Happy Houseplants, we are here to help, offering an array of pots of joy for your Kitchen.

After having a tough couple of years, the constraints of the pandemic have enabled many of us to work from home. For some, this means we have been bound to the Kitchen, the heart of the home.

Studies reveal we spend at least an hour, every single day in our kitchen, is why not add some Biophilic design or the love of nature and livings things and add some calming greenery to your home. House plants positively impact productivity by 15%, igniting your creativity - which is ideal for inspiring the best food!

Outside of the workspace, kitchen window plants can also offer a wide range of benefits, such as boosting oxygen levels in your Kitchen. Houseplants help purify the air by eliminating toxins from your Kitchen into their soil for nutrition. An excellent way of producing fresh and clean air.

Here are some of our best houseplants to place on your kitchen window. Just identify the variety for your windowsill space with our sorting functions and detailed descriptions, and let these beautiful plants flourish!

Aloe Vera is an incredibly popular houseplant, and for a good reason! Loved for its enduring appeal, Aloe Vera is for you if you are looking for an exotic looking kitchen houseplant!

These plants can come in a variety of sizes. Smaller versions are recommended as the Aloe Vera plant can fit snugly in small places like windowsills. They absolutely love bright sunlight, making it ideal as a popular kitchen window plant.

The Kalanchoe Humilis is fantastic for beginners, requiring only the very occasional watering. The plant wants to be kept where it is bright and warm. The more brilliant the light, the more colour!

Kalanchoe Humilis, also known as the Desert Surprise, is a rare and beautiful plant from Central and South-West Africa. The Kalanchoe Humilis makes a fantastic candidate as a kitchen window plant for many reasons. It has an abundance of gorgeous leaves with a compact size, making it ideal to snug into small spaces.

3. Scindapsus N’Joy known as “Devil’s Ivy”, is an easy-care houseplant that is happy in almost any light! NASA has also named the Scindapsus N’Joy as one of the best air-purifying plants. Perfect for eliminating kitchen odours such as food smells and garbage.

An ideal hanging houseplant that offers a beautiful cascade effect, with glossy heart-shaped leaves and particoloured green and cream patterns. The Scindapsus N’Joy can create an instant impact in your Kitchen whilst hanging next to a window. 

4. Baby Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant are super trendy right now and easy to care for. The name Air Plant stems (no pun intended) from the way they extract nutrition. As the name implies, it’s through the air and not soil, super cool

 If you are looking for a funky conversation starter, then the Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant is for you! Found in southern Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, these plants grow where it receives intense lighting. A perfect plant to have on a kitchen dresser near a window. 

5. Red Philodendron known as the “Imperial Red”, is a favourite for us and many others due to its adaptation qualities to a wide variety of lighting and water conditions. Originating from South America, this houseplant will undoubtedly bring a touch of the exotic and brighten up your Kitchen!


The Red Philodendron is very easy to care for and produces new leaves all winter long, making it a special kitchen window plant.

6. Scindapsus Pictus or the “Satin Pothos” is loved by Happy Houseplants because of its stunning foliage. Originating from Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Queensland, and a few western Pacific islands, adding this great houseplant to your Kitchen is sure to create a jungle vibe aesthetic.

It can offer a vibrant splash of colour to your Kitchen, very easy care and is happy in a variety of lighting conditions, making it a perfect houseplant to add to your kitchen window plants!

7. Alocasia Calidora, 'Pink Dragon' is a rare but, easy to care for. We absolutely love its elegance and gorgeous colouration. It is a tropical foliage with dark green leaves and pink stems. A houseplant that is an excellent addition to your kitchen plant collection or if it is your first.

The Alocasia Pink Dragon likes bright indirect light, so we recommend west-facing windows so this houseplant will thrive and make a great addition to your Kitchen!

Tradescantia Nanouk is such a beautiful and elegant plant. This houseplant is part of the Spiderwort species native to South America and known as the “Wandering Dude” because of its rapid growth ability. The underside of the leaves has a purple appearance; this houseplant can really stand out and become a beautiful addition to your Kitchen.

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