How to Help Your Houseplants Survive the Heat

With the arrival of summer, houseplants face challenges adapting to the warmer climate. To ensure the well-being of your indoor plants during this season, it is crucial to implement appropriate strategies. This guide presents detailed expert tips on how to help your houseplants survive the heat while maintaining their health and vitality throughout the summer.

Deep and Infrequent Watering: In hot weather, the soil tends to dry out rapidly, potentially leading to plant wilting. Counter this by adopting a deep watering technique. Water the plants thoroughly but less frequently, allowing the roots to absorb ample water while preventing excessive drying. Deep watering encourages root growth and helps plants withstand heat stress more effectively.

Relocate to Shaded Areas: Direct sunlight can cause leaf scorching and excessive heat absorption, endangering the well-being of your houseplants. During the hottest parts of the day, it is advisable to relocate them to shaded spots. If shade is limited indoors, consider using sheer curtains or lightweight sheets to create a sheltered environment, shielding the plants from intense sunlight.

Enhance Humidity Levels: Adequate humidity plays a crucial role in maintaining the overall health and vitality of houseplants, particularly during hot and dry conditions. If the ambient air in your home lacks sufficient moisture, you can boost humidity levels through various methods. Placing plants in a terrarium or grouping them together helps create a microclimate with increased humidity. Additionally, misting the foliage regularly with water can also provide a localized humid environment.

Refrain from Fertilising: During periods of high temperatures, it is advisable to avoid fertilising your houseplants. Heat-stressed plants are more vulnerable to nutrient imbalances and may not be able to absorb fertiliser effectively. It is best to wait until the weather cools down before resuming fertilisation to prevent additional stress on the plants.

Vigilance against Pests and Diseases: Hot weather can exacerbate the susceptibility of houseplants to pests and diseases. Regularly inspect your plants for any signs of trouble and take prompt action if you notice any issues. Swift intervention can prevent pests and diseases from spreading and causing further harm to your houseplants. Read our blog on how to get rid of plant pests and gnats here 

By implementing these expert tips, you can help your houseplants survive the heat and thrive throughout the summer season.

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