Hanging Plants in Your Kitchen, Bedroom or Living Space

Who doesn’t love the sight of a plant luxuriously trailing from a shelf or hanging from an indoor planter? Hanging house plants can provide layering, volume, interest and multi levelled style in any room. Everyone tends to think of large houseplants for maximum impact but actually hanging houseplants can provide just as much drama, style and character as their larger cousins!

Lepismium cruciforme

Even the smallest space can have that rainforest feel There are so many trailing houseplants to choose from - and you aren’t restricted for space as many of them will only need a very small spot to sit on or hang in - unlike larger houseplants which will need quite a lot of floor space.

Cascading foliage can bring a huge amount of theatre to any room in your home - imagine leaves dripping from a dresser top or peeping from the sides of a small pot on a windowsill. Group houseplants together for a dense forest look or have a beautiful hanging plant on its own as a sleek head turner. Go for the jungle vibe and embrace the exotic - you’ll love these amazing trailing plants as much as we do!

Fiddle Fig

At Happy Houseplants we have a really varied collection of hanging plants including some fairly rare houseplants you probably won’t find on too many other sites!

Brussels hanging basket

Atsu Brass Hanging Planter

Hanging Basket for Indoor Plants

Atsu Plant stand

There are many small succulents that trail and cascade from pots - they can bring really unusual shapes making them such interesting houseplants for your living space. Trailing houseplants in general can give the impression of movement because of their hanging stems and foliage, which brings a whole new dimension to any area in your home or office.

String of Hearts

String of Hearts & Planter ideal for gifting!

String of Hearts variegated

Try Hoyas for dramatic effect! Hoyas are wonderful hanging houseplants - we love Hoya Carnosa - the Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower. It’s delicate, it’s variegated, it’s elegant, it’s beautiful! It’s delightful to have hanging in a little terracotta pot from a bookcase or placed on a windowsill out of full sun. The variegation on the Wax Plant’s leaves is emerald green trimmed with cream edges - some parts of the leaves and stems are even a delicate coral pink, making it a wonderful foliage plant. It can also have clusters of tiny star-shaped flowers which have a sweet, honey like fragrance.

Another wonderful but quite different Hoya is Hoya Linearis, another Wax Plant, which has cascades of forest green foliage that hang like drapes from an indoor hanging basket or pot. The foliage is like a curtain and trails luxuriously in long tendrils from the basket - it’s so elegant and ethereal. This Hoya will create a stunningly stylish feeling, ideal with a plain wall behind it to show off the fabulous deep green and cascading habit.

Hoya Bella

Hoya Linearis

Both Hoyas thrive in bright but indirect light with occasional sun - full sun will be too much for them but on the other hand they won’t like an overly shaded spot! Variegated plants particularly need bright light. Watering can be done by placing the plant in a sink and allowing water to drain until it is no longer dripping - then don’t water again until the top couple of inches of soil are dry to the touch. Think of the rainforest and the tropical climate that these plants inhabit naturally!

A beautiful trailing succulent can be fascinating to look at - and Othonna Capensis or Seneccio, String of Rubies is just such a lovely houseplant. The perfect size for a house plant gift, it has graceful trailing tendrils that peep from the sides of a pot. The foliage is a delicate, silvery green colour and, typical of a succulent,

it is thickened, specially adapted to survive in very dry conditions with infrequent showers of rain. The stems of this lovely succulent are ruby red, giving it a really stunning look - a wonderful plant for a little shelf or windowsill. In the sun the ruby colour of the stems can spread to the foliage, giving it a really show-stopping look.

Othonna Capensis

Fascinating Fishbone Cactus! Epiphyllium Anguliger or the Fishbone Cactus is a delightfully refreshing looking foliage houseplant with leaves looking as though someone has cut them out with a pair of serrated dressmaking scissors! It’s cheerful, it’s bright, it’s uplifting - it’s perfect in al.

Selenisereus Anthony

hanging pot in a kitchen or study, living room or bathroom! Not surprising that it’s called Fishbone Cactus because the foliage really does look like fishbones! At first these leaves will grow upwards but

as it matures they will begin to tumble down from the pot, giving a wonderfully fresh, rainforest fee/

Epiphyllum Anguliger

The Fishbone Cactus is actually a succulent - although the leaves are not typically succulent in looks. It thrives in bright but indirect light and needs infrequent watering - as with most succulents. In its natural environment it would enjoy heavy showers of rain then long dry periods, and this is what you should aim to replicate at home.

Large Epiphyllum Anguliger

As with many houseplants, misting can help add moisture to the plant without letting the roots get too wet - and with warmth this can also give humidity which most houseplants love.

Here at Happy Houseplants we also have a large version of the Fishbone Cactus for greater dramatic impact - it’s quite difficult to get in this size - Epiphyllium Anguliger Ric Rac. It looks amazing in a larger terracotta or brass pot. We love terracotta for its natural looks and more porous nature. We also sell seagrass planters for

our larger houseplants - these are a perfect way to set off the stunning looks of your plant.

Another showy succulent is Crassula Perforata - String of Buttons. You can soon see why it is so called - the blue/silver strings of succulent foliage look just like buttons threaded onto a string!

Crassula perforata

Coming from South Africa, the foliage of this beautiful hanging houseplant has rosy pink edges, giving it a wonderful glow. It’s a perfect little plant for a hanging pot or shelf - one of the great things about smaller hanging houseplants is their ability to give you interest at different levels. Large houseplants have to be on the floor but hanging houseplants can be placed at any level and they really catch the eye.

Quite similar to Crassula Perforata is Crassula Hottentot, the Jade necklace vine! Also a hanging succulent, it grows up and then spills over the sides of the pot, creating a really fabulous structural look that will capture the attention of anyone visiting! The sea green foliage curls upwards at the ends giving this plant an eccentric

appearance. One for you if you want an easy care, attractive hanging houseplant that would also make a wonderful indoor plant gift.

Crassula Hottentot

A really elegant hanging houseplant that trails gracefully is Dischidia Pectanoides - the Ant Plant. It gets its name because, in the rainforest, thousands of ants make their home within its leaves, which have small cavities in them just the right size for ants - these spaces are called ‘ant hotels’! We don’t think it will attract many ants in your home though unless you have ant colonies there!

Dischidia Pectanoides

Dischidia are epiphytes - meaning that they make their homes in the branches of larger trees rather than in the soil. This makes them perfect hanging houseplants, cascading from a hanging basket or pot, a shelf or a high surface in your home.

The leaves are a delicate green and the Ant Plant produces tiny red flowers which are really delightful - these look wonderful against the fresh green of the foliage which drapes itself artfully from its pot. Dischidia Pectanoides would make a lovely indoor plant gift for someone special - giving a houseplant as a gift is something different! You can buy a small hanging houseplant for the same price as sending some flowers - and the plant will still be alive and giving pleasure for years whereas the flowers, lovely as they are at first, will only last a couple of weeks at most.

Everyone will appreciate the gift of a beautiful indoor plant - we’ll even provide a free, handwritten card with each gift order if you specify your message at checkout.

Dischidia Ovata

These are just a few of the huge selection of hanging houseplants that we have on our site - have a look at the full range on the hanging plants tab on our homepage! There’s something there for everyone - from trailing succulents to forest cacti, from variegated hanging houseplants to trailing vines and so much more!

They really are so versatile and easy to fit into even the smallest spaces - whether you have a tiny flat or a large town house, a country home or even an office - hanging houseplants can give personality, beauty and style and promote psychological wellbeing. They are also often not as expensive as the larger houseplants, so there’s something wonderful for every budget. Whether it’s a houseplant gift, or just something for yourself - Happy Houseplants is the online plant shop that has it all!

Have a look at our other trailing houseplants and discover the fantastic selection we offer! You’ll be hooked on hanging houseplants in no time!

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